How we keep our children spiritually fed while traveling full-time

How we keep our children spiritually fed.png

Quickly into our travels, we realized that this would be an unexpected challenge of traveling full-time. Back home we had our routines and the children went to the same church with the same friends and teachers and everything was comfortable and familiar for them.

On the road, our daily routine is constantly changing and there are lots of unexpected things that come up to disrupt it. We don’t have the same resources that we do at home. And church honestly is a little more challenging. It is usually in a different language and almost every week they are at a new, unfamiliar building, with new, unfamiliar faces. Our children have definitely pushed back when it comes to going to Sunday School (Primary for Mila and Nursery for Kai).

Here are some of the ways and resources that we’ve used to ensure that our children are getting the spiritual nourishment they need. Honestly, I think these are probably a lot of things that many mothers do anyway, but for me this has held me more accountable, knowing that they won’t be getting it from church every week and it all rests on my shoulders.

  1. Personal daily Scripture Reader reading, reading an article from the Friend magazine, and teaching and practicing with Mila as she communicates daily to Heavenly Father and really shares her feelings, fears, and needs with Him. We turn it into a daily devotional and she gets to pick favorite primary songs to sing as well.

  2. LDS Music app every morning - we play music from the children’s songbook every morning during breakfast usually, to ensure that our children are learning those songs that are so foundational to their testimonies. We use the guide to know which songs the Primary is focusing on this year that have been chosen by the general Primary leaders. While I make breakfast or we get ready for the day, our favorite is to listen to the Youth music for the year since its more pop-ish.

  3. “Homeschool” Sunday School every Sunday after church - We access the Primary 4 manual and go through the lesson as a family just as Mila would during Primary.

  4. Nursery Manual for FHE - Of course we are even more vigilant now about holding Family Home Evening. When you’re a full-time traveling family and spend almost every waking moment as a family, it can be easy to write other things off as FHE to check it off the list. To help us differentiate since we know the importance of that habit and won’t always be traveling full-time, we take this opportunity to do the lesson that Kai would be getting in Nursery to help with those foundational principles. It’s fun for Mila too because she often gets to teach these lessons the she’s already learning and it helps to solidify her understanding of these topics that are so important.

  5. Family Scripture Study daily - This is one we always did our best to do at home anyway and is pretty basic but this is our opportunity to

  6. Daily Gratitude Journal - We brought this one from Amazon on the road with us since it’s lightweight and we love it. It is super simple but it gives us a chance to connect everyday with Mila, to talk with her about how she’s feeling and get in her head a little bit. It also is great practice for her to “count her many blessings, name them one by one.” And we get the chance to help her recognize them and then list those things in her evening prayer to thank the source of all her blessings.

  7. Make my own spiritual health a priority - It is even more important now that I make my own spiritual health a top priority. This means not just personal scripture study and prayer, but for me since I also don’t understand most of church, I definitely crave General Conference talks everyday for really practical things I can implement into my life. Personally, I feel the Spirit through music, specifically when I’m singing, and in moments of silence and stillness. I do my best to take opportunities to listen to my favorite spiritual music, both LDS and non-denominational, and sing along and really let my spirit feel connected to God. Hilary Weeks and Hillsong United are my favorite artists at the moment. Meditation is the perfect way to let myself be open to the whisperings of the Spirit.

These simple daily practices have made such a difference for our family and we hope they can do the same for yours!