Spread Love!

We travel the world and see beautiful landscapes and architecture but what makes the world beautiful is the people! We are constantly inspired by the people we meet - they look different, they speak differently, their goals and aspirations are different, but they remind us that people are good! We are all doing our best to make choices that have a positive impact on the world - and that is a beautiful thing!

It doesn't take quitting our jobs and traveling the world to be an influence for light and love. There is someone right in your own back yards who needs a friend, needs to feel seen and accepted, and needs to know that they are special. We can all be that person! Even our little toddlers can be that person!

We were inspired by something our little girl did all on her own back when we lived in the states. She decorated and cut out little paper hearts, took them to the park, and gave them out to everyone she saw. We were shocked as she approached people that our judgmental, adult minds would have been intimidated to approach. And everyone - the tall, strong basketball player, the handicapped woman in a wheelchair, the mom with a tough exterior - reacted the same way. First with a little confusion and surprise, immediately followed by a huge smile. We realized that if everyone took a little time to give a paper heart, to meet someone they wouldn't normally meet, to make a new friend, to show some love, that simple thing could begin to solve a lot of the world's problems.

So that's what we are doing! We've started #ThePaperHeartsMovement and we are giving out hearts and making new friends in every country we visit. And we hope you will join us and do the same! Plan a family night to make your own paper hearts, let your kids get creative, then head to your family's favorite spot and spread some love. These paper hearts are the perfect way to break the ice and approach a stranger to brighten their day.

Have a conversation, hear their story, even encourage them to pay it forward and give that heart to someone else!

Help us get the word out by taking a picture of your hearts or even a selfie with your new friends and posting it to Instagram using the hashtag #ThePaperHeartsMovement

Let's flood the earth with paper hearts love!


Check out some amazing organizations doing amazing things!

Click the links below to learn more about organizations that are working to solve the problems we feel most passionate about and even get involved yourself if you feel moved to.

If you have organizations or companies that you think we should add to the list, please let us know!

Operation Underground Railroad - Rescuing children from sex trafficking

Fight the New Drug - Educating on the harmful effects of pornography

Humble Hilo - Empowering women and children through proper nutrition and fair wages

Rice Love - Providing food for families in need