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About Us


Aloha! We are the Lopez ohana - just a young, vegan, multicultural family traveling the world full-time!

Daniel is the dad, Ayo is the mom, Mila is 5 and Kai is 2. Our family started in Ayo's home state of Hawaii and that will always be home. But since getting married, we have lived across the US and it's finally time to fulfill a long-time dream of ours - traveling the world!

As a family, we have a goal to visit every country of our heritage. This all started with a plan to take the whole family back to Guatemala, the country where Daniel was born. He has waited 25 years to finally be able to go back and we wanted to experience that together! But after taking AncestryDNA tests, we realized that we didn't want to stop there. There are so many countries that make us who we are and we want to experience all of them.

We will be honest though, that's not our only goal. We are a family that is passionate about making the world better and we know that that kind of change starts with individuals - you and us doing our best to be better. As a family we want to make friends everywhere we go, sit with them, hear their stories, hear their struggles. Every culture has something we can learn from and we can't wait to do that and share the things we learn with all of you!

Our travels are our chance to be a little more adventurous, a little more compassionate, a little bit healthier, a little more grateful and content, a little less judgmental, a little less materialistic and wasteful - to be humans just doing our best to be a little better and sharing the highs and lows of that with you! Welcome to our ohana!


The Lopez Family